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A Time Together

The Western Slope of Colorado has seen blue skies for weeks. Looking out my window into the 43 degree air, I watch finches and chickadees hop between the branches of some bushes as they prepare to land near their bird feeder for some seed. The weather certainly doesn't feel like Christmas, but it approaches, ever nearer. No snow. I'm finding It hard to get into the full "feels" of a Colorado Christmas without snow! But the twinkle of lights hung on our Christmas tree, the warm nights cozied up by the fire with our four fur-babies, Chadd and I, and the BAKING.... well, I guess I am feeling the Christmas feels after all. This time of year reminds us all.... of the things we feel we have to do in preparation for the 'big day'. We're all busy, right? All in our own way. The shopping, the food, the parties and social obligations... the money. It can really stress us out; and in a time when we shouldn't feel so stressed out.

Yes, inevitably, those things come with the holidays - even when we try to avoid that feeling. It's a practice to stay calm during the hustle and bustle of October through December.

I had to sit myself down the other day and take account of all I had done, and all I still needed to do before December 25th.

Beyond the holiday hysteria, Chadd and I have been writing class proposals, and scheduling clients, getting ready for the new year and all that it will bring for CWWW, preparing for tax season and dealing with all the fun admin work of owning your own business. Yikes. I felt my blood pressure rising.

So I stopped thinking. I started doing. and as I worked I started thinking about how blessed we are to have our own business. Instead of thinking of all the things I felt like we HAD to do, I started feeling gratitude for the things we GET to do. Holiday hysteria included.

Our house will be bustling with family and fur-babies this Christmas, and for the first time in four years, Chadd and I are hosting. I couldn't be happier. We look so forward to the smiles and laughter, the joy, the food, the happy chaos and the togetherness.

This season, and every season, it's so important to keep close those you love. To reach out and embrace what we have and what we are given. All the moments, all the feels.

Chadd and I wish you a blessed Christmas and New Year; a happy season in your life, with those you love most.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Blair and Chadd

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