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Chadd is a 6th generation Coloradan and has been studying and working with the wildlife for over 25 years. 


Between 2005 to 2020, Chadd volunteered at three wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers, where he worked closely with a number of different species of sick and injured animals. During his time at these sanctuaries, he broadened his love and compassion for the animals he cared for and increased his understanding of animal behavior.  


Chadd has a love for all animals big and small, but birds are his passion. So much so that he has become a paragliding pilot just so he can be closer to the feathered friends he loves.


Naturally having a love for the outdoors, Chadd went to a wilderness college in 2012-2013 where he spent ten months furthering his skills in the art of survival. While attending college, Chadd took an apprenticeship in tracking. He was tested and pushed to understand not only the animal’s tracks, but also the scat and sign left behind, furthering his understanding, knowledge, and appreciation for the wildlife around him.  Since then, Chadd has received three "Track and Sign" certificates in three regions of the west. 


Chadd's work has been published in periodicals, including the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project blog and Mountain Parent Magazine. He is in the process of writing several wildlife reference guides, as well as producing educational videos and podcasts.


With an expansive knowledge of the natural world around him, his expertise has been solicited for wildlife consultations around the nation. He is continually being sought to host wildlife workshops and presentations.


Chadd is a former firefighter and served on two departments for 6 years before experiencing a career-ending injury.


Chadd currently resides in Parachute, Colorado with his two dogs, Tank and Bella.

About Naturalist and Wildlife Expert

Chadd Drott




To be the leading educators of the natural world

Discovery and understanding of the natural world through education and conservation efforts


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Survival - Cordage Making Demonstration

A clip of how to turn a piece of native grass into a survival tool.

Tracking - Identifying the Pine Squirrel

This video offers a short clip of one of our classes as we identify the Pine Squirrel's tracks in the high elevations of the Colorado Rockies during winter.

High Altitude Track Trip in the Rocky Mountains

Just a clip of an amazing opportunity to get out, and get tracking!

Tracking - One track leads to an incredible moment 

Wait until we see two golden eagles court within this canyon!


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