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Taking part in one of Chadd’s presentations will not only fortify the audience with new and insightful wildlife information, but it will keep listeners engaged and entertained by Chadd’s sincere and passionate interest in our wild world.

With over 25 years of hands-on wildlife experience through study, filming, photography, rehabilitation, and extended expeditions, Chadd’s expansive knowledge of nature and its patterns has allowed him to witness many unique events in the animal kingdom and share these stories and experiences with others. His presentations which cater to all ages and interests, are sought after throughout the year at various wildlife events around the nation.

Outside of traveling to present at various educational programs, Chadd has contributed many of his wildlife resources including promotional video footage for corporations, articles for periodicals (see below), and a deposition that was the leading literature used in federal court to counter what was ultimately deemed an immoral and inhumane predator control program in the state of Colorado.

We look forward to working with you!  Give Chadd a call today!

Keynote Presentation: 


Chadd has been the lead presenter at a number of birding and wildlife events. While his primary topics include the avian and mammalian communities, Chadd's wildlife expertise encompasses our entire wild world. 

Let's discuss your event so Chadd can learn how he can best serve your next event's needs!  He can focus on your desired topic or bring ideas from his travels and conservation efforts.

COST: $1,000 per presentation + travel

Watch this video to view Chadd as keynote at the Silt Hey Days Festival in 2019 presenting to 300 guests about Golden Eagles.

Wildlife Interpretation:

Based on his availability, Chadd will travel with you and your party on your upcoming adventure! You and your party will learn all about the wildlife and the ecology of your trip's location. Chadd is an expert on wildlife behavior and can help the group position themselves in the best spot to get amazing photographs or just enjoy viewing the species in its natural environment. Please note for any tours you take with a local guide Chadd will not intervene with the company's tour guide.

COST: $5,000 a week + all expenses paid

Educational Program Design:


If you have an upcoming wildlife themed event or festival, Chadd can create an entire program for the event based on your topics and length.  He will put together the outline, speakers, exhibits, curriculum, games, etc. all within your budget.  Chadd's experience comes from creating and hosting Raptor Fest 2017, 2018, and 2019. In its last year, it became the largest bird of prey festival in the nation with over 1,500 participants in the one-day event.

COST: Based on length of program and needs. Call for a quote.

Book wildlife expert and naturalist Chadd Drott of Chadd's Walking With Wildlife at your next event!

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where to find wildlife

Learn About the Untamed Creatures You Might Find in Our Mountain Forests and Meadows.

To most kids, getting there, especially quickly, is not the goal. While we adults want to race up steep switchbacks to earn the view, our kids are more likely to sit down in the dirt and marvel at ants. Or stop and pick dandelions.  And gather pretty stones. Rather than pushing children to keep up, we can slow down, hike for the sake of wonder and see what we can find. Look for creatures, great and small. Most are hard to spot. Some announce their presence with song. Others flit in the sunshine begging for attention. Many are mysterious, untamed, and living in nearby forests, meadows and mountains. Where in the wild can we find them?

We asked naturalist Chadd Drott of CHADD‘S Walking with Wildlife to introduce us to several species we may encounter here this summer.

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