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Survival Workshops

1 - 4 Day Trip

These weekend courses are a great way to start out with survival skills. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned vet just looking to touch-up a certain skill, this is the class for you. Come join us as we cover one element of survival per class weekend and learn the many options there are to each individual one. The weekends will be jammed packed with information in classroom and field exercises. You will be hands on learning with plenty of instruction along the way. So come join Chadd and see what you can do to better your odds.

7 Day Excursion

If you are pressed for time but would like the complete experience of living off the land in the wilderness this is the class for you. Spend 7 partial days in the wilderness learning and practicing your newly obtained skills as you cover all aspects of survival, and learn how to best help your situation. Each day’s instruction will only be during daylight hours.  Follow Chadd as you head out in to the back country and see what it is like to survive.

1 Month Adventure

Make a commitment to yourself and to your situation in this month long survival adventure. You will spend three days a week, for the first three weeks, in class-room and in field with Chadd. You will learn, and gain the experience needed to help you in a survival situation.

On the fourth week be prepared to spend five full days in the wilderness surviving with Chadd, as he works with you in each element of survival.

$100.00=1 Day


$175.00=2 Day


$250.00=3 Day


$325.00=4 Day

$700.00 = Week long

$1,500.00 = Month long

Schedule your personal program with CWWW!

This is a great, and unique opportunity to gain the education, experience and individual attention you want in the time frame you have!

Make your appointment with CWWW to schedule out a program around your availability (we work around your schedule). 

Once payment is received in full, your class session will begin. Remember, there are no time restraints with your program. A program will last as long as it takes to finish out your personally selected class dates.


(please note: personal programs cannot conflict with other previously scheduled CWWW courses. A complete list of upcoming courses will be provided at the time of the program schedule meeting. Thank you for your understanding!  ......CWWW Team)



Price will be determined by agreed upon Program/duration and any other special factors.

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