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Tracking Workshops

1 - 4 Day track & Sign Trip

If you have an interest for learning the art of tracking this is the course for you. Come join Chadd as he instructs you on the different aspects of Track and Sign. Each day will consist of a different element to better understand our animal community. After all four days you will know the basics to getting out there and discovering for yourself who lives in your neck of the woods. 

7 Day Trailing Trip

Trailing is in and of itself an art-form. Being able to follow fresh tracks to its creator is the epitome of our ancestors. In this game of cat and mouse it is definitely the tortoise who will be the big winner. Come learn with Chadd and see who you find at the end of the trail.

Tracking Apprenticeship

Track & Sign/Trailing

Our newest addition to the CWWW family the Tracking Apprenticeship puts both aspects of tracking together. In this ten weekend course you will closely follow Chadd in a small group learning the advanced techniques of tracking. The last weekend you will have your new found skills and techniques tried and tested as you partake in a live Track and Sign evaluation done by a certified evaluator from  After completion of the evaluation you will be awarded with a Track and Sign level that is put online through their website and can be seen worldwide.

$125.00=1 Day


$200.00=2 Day


$275.00=3 Day


$350.00=4 Day

$1,000.00 = One full week

$2,000.00 = Ten Weekends

Schedule your personal program with CWWW!

This is a great, and unique opportunity to gain the education, experience and individual attention you want in the time frame you have!

Make your appointment with CWWW to schedule out a program around your availability (we work around your schedule). 

Once payment is received in full, your class session will begin. Remember, there are no time restraints with your program. A program will last as long as it takes to finish out your personally selected class dates.


(please note: personal programs cannot conflict with other previously scheduled CWWW courses. A complete list of upcoming courses will be provided at the time of the program schedule meeting. Thank you for your understanding!  ......CWWW Team)



Price will be determined by agreed upon Program/duration and any other special factors.

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