March 22, 2019


Thank you for taking an interest in learning about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD as it will be referred to from here on out). The goal with this information is to systematically break down CWD as a whole, and to bring awareness to this devastating illness. There will be five points I will focus on with this educational piece:

1.)    With my background of working in the medical field, I will break down CWD as it pertains to the disease, and explain how the anatomy and pathophysiology of CWD works.

2.)    I am going to talk about the different known strains in which CWD is a part of, and the host fauna in which they affect.

3.)     I will explain how the disease affects the host fauna. I will also cover the life...

January 14, 2018

You can never learn enough about our natural world, and Chadd recently signed up for a two day intensive trailing course to expand his knowledge of tracking!

While Chadd is out exploring the California hills, soaking up new tips and tricks in trailing with some of his new-found buddies, I will be soaking up a little California sun, and spending a couple days making some headway on business tasks.

You can be sure we'll be posting about our short road trip out west where we will be documenting our journey, and ask our sightings along the way!

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December 29, 2017

Though we are so excited for 2018, the coming of the new year reminds of all the happenings of 2017. It seems it has been a hard year for many, and for some, they may find themselves slightly apprehensive about 2018 and a repeat of similar events.

Every season holds it's difficulties and struggles. But it also holds happiness and positive momentum. We are choosing to focus on all those happy moments and positivity, because we know it's what will move us forward. We are our own light, and we must let that light grow, and shine for others who are struggling in the dark.

Chadd and I sat down for our weekly business meeting and we wrote out our goals for CWWW. We will revisit these consistently throughout our timeline and check off what we've accomplished, and what we are yet to gain, adding as we go.


December 19, 2017

The Western Slope of Colorado has seen blue skies for weeks. Looking out my window into the 43 degree air, I watch finches and chickadees hop between the branches of some bushes as they prepare to land near their bird feeder for some seed. The weather certainly doesn't feel like Christmas, but it approaches, ever nearer. No snow. I'm finding It hard to get into the full "feels" of a Colorado Christmas without snow! But the twinkle of lights hung on our Christmas tree, the warm nights cozied up by the fire with our four fur-babies, Chadd and I, and the BAKING.... well, I guess I am feeling the Christmas feels after all. This time of year reminds us all.... of the things we feel we have to do in preparation for the 'big day'. We're all busy, right? All in our own way. The shopping, the food, the p...

October 4, 2017

Sometimes all you need is faith. Faith in knowing something will work out just as it should and faith that it will all work out for the best.

This was the kind of faith we had when we decided to take on the 1st Annual Raptor Festival.

Though coordinating events was no new thing to me (it's been my job for the past ten years), it WAS new to Chadd, and coordinating a family business event WAS new to me! Normally, I was used to coordinating events for non-profits and larger corporations. Not a home-grown deal.

This was our first, real, big jump for our business and we wanted it to be a success. No pressure.

We needed funding to help get this event off the ground. And though the Town and Silt and the Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation have been so supportive and amazing at helping to get this...

September 26, 2017

As a naturalist, a love of and fascination for our natural surroundings has always been a deep vein in my personality.

As a child, I would watch nature shows like Wild Discoveries, Going Wild with Jeff Corwin, and my personal favorite, Steve Irwin - the Crocodile Hunter. 

Though I struggled with many subjects in school, when I was at home and finished with my homework I would sit and watch those shows, or read books about nature, and wildlife and found I could easily retain the information I was hearing and reading.

I always thought it was amazing that birds could fly to and from wherever they wanted to go... no obstacles. I took a shine to them. Although I have a love and passion for all animals, birds hold a special place in my heart. I began reading more and more about each specie...

June 28, 2015

Our journeys together are full. They are exciting. They are real. Chadd was a blessing in my life from the moment I met him and every day with him only gets better.

As I watch Chadd in his natural element - the woods - he is relaxed, at ease and at home. This blog is dedicated to what is seen on our journeys, be it a bird, a rock or a tree. But sometimes, watching Chadd in his work can be the most exciting for me.

My most fondest memories are with him, exploring. Adventuring. Discovering.



Chadd is walking along a ravine. Quietly. With awareness in each step as he navigates through fallen trees, sticks and brush, careful not to disturb the natural world around him.



A bird chirps in the distance, a squirrel sounds an alarm of his approaching. He stops, crouches and waits. His eyes in the trees a...

February 16, 2015

Welcome to Chadd's Walking With Wildlife LLC!

We are so happy you've come to the site and have shown interest in our programs.

This page, Chadd's Blog, is dedicated to the advenutres Chadd and his students encounter as we explore the outdoors.

So come back and read our online journal of observations, encounters, experiences and musings of Chadd and his crew as we discover wildlife through the signs they leave us.

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