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This page is dedicated to the education of the reintroduction of the Grey Wolf back into Western Colorado.

Chadd's Walking With Wildlife LLC is affiliated with the Rocky Mountain Wolf Project

What conservation means to us

Here at Chadd's Walking With Wildlife, we are passionate about wildlife conservation, and the preservation of all species.

For millions of years nature has maintained balance, however, over the last few thousand years, man has played a negative role in the success of many species futures. Today, there are more than 1,000 endangered species worldwide, with more and more threatened every day.


Our mission is to support the continuing efforts of conservation and preservation through education.

We truly believe, with each educated mind, we will help to positively influence the future of every endangered species.

The Grey Wolf

Canis lupus, or the Grey Wolf is the largest of the Canidae family. Historically it was found throughout the entire northern half of the northern hemisphere. In the U.S. the grey wolf was found in all the states excluding Hawaii. Today however, the grey wolf is only found in a very small portion of its original range here in North America.

Persecuted vigorously for over a century here in the U.S., the grey wolf saw a grisly demise to its total population count and to its historical range.

Nowhere else has the grey wolf seen such discrimination to the species as a whole than in Europe and North America.

The belief in the “mythical” wolf, must end now.

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