Let your curiosity lead you on a journey through mother nature's text book and learn how to read her ever complex language. Walk with Chadd as you learn to decipher each sign in her alphabet.



Chadd’s Walking With Wildlife brings people closer to our natural world by observing, interpreting and explaining crucial details of our environment and the creatures that live within it.   
"It Starts With You!" 

We offer: 


Wildlife Educational Materials

    - videos

    - podcast

    - periodicals

    - academic articles


Wildlife Consulations


Wildlfe Workshops/Classes


Wildlife Presentations

    - conservation

    - species education

    - environmental awareness

    ... and much more!



    - track identification

    - foot morphology

    - animal sign

    - trailing

    - certification


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CWD Defined

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Learn about the wildlife you might encounter in Colorado this summer!

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