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2019 Keynote Speaker


Ted Floyd

Editor and Author

11:15 Am

For as long as we humans have had eyes and ears, and hearts and minds, we have delighted in watching and wondering about raptors. And that is as true in 2019 as ever. However, nature study and bird watching have undergone a radical revision in the early 21st century, and we are studying raptors and other wildlife with new technology and new approaches for engaging the natural world. In this spirited presentation, expert birder Ted Floyd will share with us how every day tools like smartphones and digital cameras are leading us down exciting new paths of discovery and wonder about raptors in Colorado.

Ted Floyd, who proudly serves as Editor of Birding magazine and as Managing Editor of North American Birds. He also contributes to The ABA Blog, The American Birding Podcast, and the ABA’s young birder programs. Ted is the author of five bird books and more than 200 articles on birds and other aspects of nature, and he is a frequent speaker at bird festivals and ornithological society meetings. The Cal Ripken of eBird, he has submitted at least one complete eBird checklist per day for 3,862 consecutive days. Ted and his family live in Boulder County, Colorado.

Chadd Drott


12:30 pm

        Chadd is a Colorado native and has been studying and working with the wildlife for over 20 years. He has volunteered at three separate wildlife sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers, where he worked closely with a number of different species of sick and injured animals. During his time at these sanctuaries, he broadened his love and compassion for the animals he cared for and increased his understanding of animal behavior.  Chadd has also volunteered with a Search and Rescue team, and currently serves as a firefighter for a local department. He has a love for all animals big and small, but birds are his passion. In fact, so much so that he is now a paragliding pilot just so he can be closer to the feathered friends he loves. Naturally having a love for the outdoors and a knack for survival techniques, Chadd went to a wilderness college where he spent ten months furthering his skills in the art of survival. While attending this college, Chadd took an apprenticeship in tracking. Here he was tested and pushed to understand not only the animal’s tracks, but also its scat and sign around the woods. After being evaluated, Chadd received two Track and Sign certificates in two separate regions of the Pacific Northwest. He continues pushing himself in the art of tracking and is working on his specialist certification. Chadd has an expansive knowledge of the natural world around him and has an amazing sense of finding the animals he is in search of. His long term goal is to be one of the top naturalist in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Talon Talk

3:00 pm

Nature's Educators aspires to reach every possible individual in educating about the importance of raptors and other animals by maintaining affordable rates. We motivate and encourage conservation by continually creating unique ways to inspire and excite the public. We dedicate ourselves to delivering the best care for all of our animal ambassadors.

At Raptor Fest, they will be giving our community a special look into our flighted world with "Talon Talk", an hour long presentation where you'll get to see these magnificent creatures up close, and maybe even get to see a couple of them fly!

From 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Join us for games, visit our educational booths and take part in these informative bird talks at this year's 2019 Raptor Fest!
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