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2018 Keynote Speaker

Devin Jaffe

Executive Director of

Nature's Educators

Devin Jaffe grew up as a 4H Member loving animals.  She graduated from Hastings College in Hastings, Nebraska in 2008 with a BA in Wildlife Biology with an emphasis in Ornithology.  She completed 4 years of internships in raptor rehab and education and was granted her own state and federal licensing in 2008.  She moved back from NE to Canon City, CO where Nature's Educators was born.  Now, 10 years later, the organization has 40 raptors, 50 plus other ambassadors, 50 volunteers, 4 paid staff, and does tremendous amounts of outreach programs.  In 2017, Nature's Ed did 756 educational presentations!  

Along with running Nature's Ed, Devin is a falconer and raptor propagator.  She and her husband, Evan, show rabbits and poultry in competitions around Colorado.  They share their home with the raptors, parrots, finches, chickens, and rabbits!  

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