Taking part in one of Chadd’s presentations will not only fortify the audience with new and insightful wildlife information, but will keep listeners engaged and entertained by Chadd’s sincere and passionate interest in our wild world.


With over 25 years hands-on wildlife experience through study, filming, photography, rehabilitation and extended expeditions,


Chadd’s expansive knowledge of nature and its patterns has allowed him to witness many unique events in the animal kingdom and share these stories and experiences with others.

His presentations which cater to all ages and interests, are sought after throughout the year at various wildlife events around the nation.


Outside of traveling to present at various educational programs, Chadd has contributed many of his wildlife resources including promotional video footage for corporations, articles for periodicals and has even written a deposition that was the leading literature used in federal court to counter what was ultimately deemed an immoral and inhumane predator control program in the state of Colorado.


Below is a list of programs that are available to book Chadd Drott at your next event!


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Keynote Presentation: 


Chadd has been the lead presenter at a number of birding and wildlife events.

While his primary topics include the avian and mammalian communities Chadd is very knowledgable of reptilian, amphibian, and fish species as well.

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There are two options of presentations for your next event:

Presentation on one of Chadd's covered topics:


                                                                              COST: $100.00/hr + per diem for the entire trip


Presentation on a subject you would like covered by Chadd:


This is our most popular option as many events are themed based every year, or like to stick to one very narrow demographic of wildlife education. 

                                                                              COST: $200.00/hr + per diem for the entire trip

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Contributing Speaker:

Wildlife Guide:

Special Event Series:

Educational Program Director:

Book wildlife expert and naturalist Chadd Drott of Chadd's Walking With Wildlife at your next event!


Chronic Wasting Disease

An in-depth look at Chronic Wasting Disease


This publication breaks down the entirety of the disease and the family it belongs to, and the possible consequences if it is continued to go unchecked. It is a dry and lengthy read, however, the information is of the utmost importance to our stance and our ultimate goal. I hope everyone can learn at least one new thing on CWD from this publication and can hopefully help educate the public on this growing concern.